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Funga Latina is a diamond open access journal dedicated to fungi. It is a project intended to disseminate, as much as possible, the different approaches of the human interest in these organisms. This initiative was conceived by professional researchers and enthusiasts of fungi and it represents a democratic and free-of-cost space for the publication of items of general interest to the community. Everybody is welcome to publish on Funga Latina anything considered relevant for the continuous construction of knowledge and appreciation of these wonderful organisms. Complete volumes are published on a yearly basis.


Funga Latina focuses on the publication of articles and miscellaneous notes and implements high scientific and ethical standards. The editorial board of the journal includes a new, but established, generation of Latin American professionals with many collective years of experience conducting research around the world. This project is not bound to any academic institution or private company and it does not follow the business model dominating the publication of modern science. The open access nature of the items published through this initiative is secured by long-term storage.



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